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How to choose outdoor lamps for your spaces

How to choose outdoor lamps for your spaces

How to choose outdoor lights?

How to illuminate the garden

A large garden that includes paths to the different spaces needs to be functional. It is essential that you take care of the signage and orientation lighting, since it will serve you to move from one space to another. To this end, the path should be illuminated with beacons or LED spotlights located at ground level or at low height, which are resistant to possible shocks. You should opt for dim lighting, which facilitates nighttime visibility without disturbing the cozy atmosphere that the patio should have. Solar LED beacons are a great eco-friendly and efficient option for illuminating outdoor pathways.

Other useful outdoor lights in the garden are lanterns. An outdoor hanging lamp looks great if your garden is elongated or if you want to give it a more romantic atmosphere. They can be attached to the wall, if you have an interior patio, or hang the lanterns from tree branches to create a magical atmosphere.

For staircases and outdoor entrances, you can use surface-mounted LED spotlights, flush with the ground. You can also opt for recessed wall lights or LED strips between one step and another. In this way you will achieve an indirect but useful lighting when it comes to signaling the way forward.

You should also think about what lighting you will use to move around the yard at night. A flashlight or portable lantern should always be on hand to ensure functional outdoor lighting.

For areas with more plants, you can include beacons or outdoor pendant lights, depending on whether they are tall trees or ground plants. In case you opt for bollards, space them at equal intervals leaving a space between each one to create a very elegant light and shadow effect.

How to light the terrace

A terrace will be used mainly for lunch or dinner, as well as for lounging outdoors. So it should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. Just like garden paths and other walkways, the terrace must have enough light to perform any regular task.

A great option is to buy wall or ceiling lights, especially if the terrace is small. Outdoor wall sconces provide plenty of light indirectly, so they won't be obtrusive while you're trying to dine or read in the fresh air, yet they'll give you enough light without dazzling. You can opt for classic lanterns or buy more modern and original outdoor wall lamps.

You can also choose outdoor ceiling lamps that hang slightly to give the terrace a distinctive air. An outdoor hanging lamp is ideal as a central decorative element if you have a large table where you can celebrate banquets with friends or have a drink after dinner.  If you are looking for a traditional or rustic style, opt for neutral outdoor pendant lamps with metal finishes, while if you prefer a modern terrace, you should experiment with different materials and shapes.

How to illuminate the facade

If you have a very nice house that you want to show off in front of the neighborhood, highlighting its original shape, its colors or its distinctive texture, you can opt for an outdoor LED projector or an LED spotlight with a solar panel. Both are sturdy and efficient options that will provide plenty of illumination at a low power consumption. If you are looking to illuminate large spaces, floodlights are your best alternative, especially if you want to highlight a facade, a sports field or court, a large open grassy area... You can also highlight the texture of the wall with asymmetrical sconces that provide a contemporary decorative style.

Which light is better for outdoors, warm or cold?

On the terrace you want to create a cozy atmosphere, so use warm light to give a more homely feeling. You can also combine it with a neutral white, although it is more advisable to have some warm light that offers a sense of comfort while dining or reading outside.

On the contrary, outdoor lamps designed for the garden should be of a neutral white tone, not as warm as in the terrace area, but without being cold. Landscape lighting should highlight the most characteristic branches and flowers, playing with light and shadow. A warm light would be too dull and would not highlight the shapes of the vegetation, although if you are looking for a tropical result it can be a good option. And never opt for colored light if you are looking for an elegant result!

Finally, if your patio has a leisure area, such as a basketball court or a small soccer field, illuminate it with cool or slightly neutral light. A cooler light that allows you to see better will make it easier for you to play without visibility problems.

How many LED watts per square meter outdoors?

To find out how many lumens and, therefore, how many watts you need, you will need to calculate the square footage of the area you want to light.


1 lumen


0,00923076923 watts

Regular (incandescente)

0,0576923077 watts


0,0576923077 watts


0,0153846154 watts


Let's imagine we are working with 10 square meters:

  • In the terrace area you will need at least 3000 lumens (300 lux x 10 square meters) to give enough brightness, this means you will require a power of at least 28 watts if you use LED bulbs, and minimum 174 watts if you use regular incandescent bulbs. In the case of a CFL bulb you will need more than 46 watts and with a halogen, 174 watts minimum.
  • If you are looking to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere with dimmer lighting, for example, in the garden area where there is greenery or in a sitting area, you will need 1500 lumens or less (150 lux x 10 square meters). This means using less than 14 watts if you use LED lights, less than 87 watts if you use normal incandescent or halogen bulbs, and less than 23 watts if you use CFL bulbs.

Find in Prendeluz the best outdoor lighting.

Choosing the outdoor lamps for your home is not an easy task. Therefore, in Prendeluz we offer you a wide range of outdoor lamps, with outdoor hanging lamps, outdoor ceiling lamps, outdoor wall lamps ... Following this guide you can choose a combination of sconces and outdoor lamps that will highlight this important area of the house. If you want to have a magazine garden and enjoy the summer evenings on a renovated terrace, do not hesitate to take a look at the Prendeluz catalog, you will be surprised!

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