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How to control lighting in the home

How to control lighting in the home

Operating an intelligent lighting control is very easy if it is already installed. Its connectivity technology offers solutions to our needs and makes it easier for us to control the illuminated areas.

To access the lighting systems of our home there are several devices on the market that we will see later. But we can tell you that most of them have many similar features:

Excellent wireless and wired connectivity.
They contain an electrical intensity control system (dimmer).
They allow integration into an overall automation system.
They can replace conventional switches.

These features can be given as long as you opt for compatible devices and manufacturers. In other words, the devices we build to control our lighting must allow integration with products of other brands. Example: Both devices can include IFTTT services that allow you to program automation routines with a voice assistant.

Another factor that affects device performance is connectivity. If you want to install some wireless devices, one of the most common and easiest options is the Wi-Fi network.

On the other hand, if you want to automate the lighting of the whole house, replacing light bulbs, sockets, outdoor lanterns, TVs or projectors, LEDs, and so on. In this case it is better to opt for a system that manages them all. to connect a connection similar to the transmission to a router.

Aspects to take into account for the intelligent control of the lighting in the dwelling

The contracted power in the home

The subscribed electrical power is the power that a customer subscribes to from the electric company based on the appliances he has in his home. The more devices, the more electricity he has to contract. This parameter has a significant cost weight and constitutes the basis of our electricity bill.

Before modifying the electrical power of the house, it is essential to know the price of kWh tomorrow. In that way, we can make the appropriate modifications depending on the number of electronic devices we have at home.

Devices that can be controlled in an intelligent way


These types of devices communicate via TCP/IP protocols. Their function is to monitor and compare the signals coming from the sensors and send wired or wireless messages to the actuators.


You are responsible for executing the messages sent by the controller at the exact time. You can open or close the power supply so that the light intensity can be adjusted to the desired set point.


Sensors are one of the most important parts of home automation installations. Whether security, lighting, sound or other; They allow us greater control over what happens in our home. They are essential if you want to save on electricity consumption.

What does lighting control bring to my home?

Originally, home automation systems were made to be installed in homes for aesthetic reasons. Today, thanks to the development of IoT (Internet of Things), the concept of application has changed. They are no longer just about aesthetics, but form the basis of contemporary and future lighting.

In general, intelligent lighting control allows us to distribute the amount of artificial light at the required times. Both indoors and outdoors, domotic devices are designed to regulate the lighting system that we program and thanks to this we can monitor from a central system.

With the advance of technologies, control systems have had a proportional impact on the quality of lighting in rooms and have become an essential element in homes. In addition to being able to remotely control a lighting system for home automation. It is a far cry from the old reality of the classic on/off switch.

It is linked to energy savings and efficiency in accordance with applicable standards and laws. All this to achieve LEED certification.

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