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Simon style mechanism frames

Simon style mechanism frames

The secret is in the details. It is a great phrase to start this new blog entry. And when it comes to decorating, all the elements are important. It is likely that you are in the middle of a remodeling, a move, or a change of look in your spaces. That is why we will talk about one of the details to take into account in case this is the scenario.

In the case of SImon style mechanism frames, they are a good example to mark the differences you are going to find depending on the space you are in. 

While we know that the wall mechanisms are not the main element of the room, they are a small detail that makes up the same. So we will see different types of models to combine. 

Wooden wall mechanisms 

We have in our catalog the example of the wooden wall mechanism. This mechanism can be found in single, double or triple depending on the number of existing sockets. 

The wooden mechanism is recessed providing a modern style and at the same time rustic to have a tone more towards brown. It is not only intended to be included in home decor, it would also work perfectly in exhibitions, or commercial premises. 

This type of mechanism can also be found in double or triple. Perfectly accommodating the shape of the sockets on the wall. The idea is that it can be combined with the rest of the furniture and to the taste of each person. 

Porcelain wall mechanisms 

Another very different style but just as beautiful is the mechanism made of porcelain. This type of material usually brings more elegance to the spaces of the home. 

In this case, it can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be combined with other switches and decorative elements. 

Being designed in white color provides a cleaner aesthetic and shines with the porcelain material. You can find them in rounded shape being aerodynamic creating harmony in your spaces. 

You can also find the single, double or triple version. You will not have any problem with the installation as it is very simple. 

Surface-mounted mechanisms Vs flush-mounted mechanisms

It is also important to mention the difference between a surface-mounted mechanism and a flush-mounted mechanism. The surface ones are the simplest, since they can be installed above the wall as they are of a smaller thickness or do not allow other mechanisms. 

The recessed mechanisms on the other hand have an installation or box inside the wall that allows us to embed them. 

When installing the new mechanisms, it is important to follow a series of basic steps. It is essential that it is done with the light off and during the day to take advantage of this lighting. It will only be necessary to have a screwdriver to replace or install the frame. 

If you are interested in the installation of new mechanisms or sockets, please contact us!    

Do not forget to enter our catalog of electrical installations in case you want to complement with more accessories the design of your home.

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