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How to make your home more energy efficient

How to make your home more energy efficient

Characteristics of the energy efficiency of a house: 

  • Prioritizing renewable energy sources
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and pollutants
  • Optimization of heating, cooling and lighting systems
  • Minimizing, as far as possible, dependence on artificial means
  • Use of high-performance equipment
  • Rely on climate-friendly materials, surfaces and construction techniques

A commitment to greater efficiency in housing construction will always be a good thing, so all efforts in this direction are welcome. The main thing is to learn how to use energy and not to waste it. When the time comes, changing the electrical installation can be a good opportunity to make the house more efficient and bet on the economy and care for the environment.

And there may be times when the electrical system of a house is completely outdated and needs a complete change.

Electrical Installation

Electrical wiring and house protection are the most important factors to consider. Electrical installations must be carried out in compliance with measurement and testing protocols that allow their certification. Therefore, they guarantee that the installation is in perfect condition, that the protections of the installed wiring are adequate and that there are no overloads, leaks, etc.

Short circuits or overheating are the main causes of deterioration of electrical equipment and the installation itself (distributors are not responsible). Overloads also occur when you have a reduced number of plugs or an excess of electrical appliances connected to the electrical current.

For that reason, a previous revision of the electrical installation is fundamental before an economic reform of our house. It is also important to update the electrical bulletin in time, since the dealers are not responsible for the absence.

Installing light regulators

Significant savings in energy consumption are achieved every day, avoiding the use of non-essential resources.

The benefits of having a dimmer are as follows:

  • Prolongation of the life of the bulbs present in projectors and lamps due to less wear and tear of the device.
  • Creation of cozier environments, totally adapted to our needs. The installation of the dimmer allows us to visualize the intensity of light that we need in every moment, space and situation.
  • As technology advances, we can completely change the tone of the light ourselves, which was not possible before even with LED lights. Choose whether you want warm, cool or neutral lighting.

Choose efficient fixtures as much as possible

Replace your old fixtures with more powerful ones. Home energy efficiency is about using a minimum of energy and old air conditioning or heating systems don't help us achieve that. Neither do old appliances. If you need to replace one, research several models to see which is the most effective. These days they all carry a sticker indicating their energy efficiency rating.

Using appliances with energy efficiency label A and making the most of each of them at home is essential if we want to start saving electricity in our homes.

Change the windows

It is recommended to contribute by models with double glazing, double windows and carpentry. Replace aluminum frames and install multiple panes. Small gestures such as lowering the blinds at night (especially in winter) or drawing the curtains to make the most of sunlight also help to improve the energy efficiency of the home.

Adequate temperature

A large part of the energy consumption of the home is related to air conditioning. As we have already said, it is very important to keep the heating, boiler or air conditioning in good condition, but also to have the appliances at the right temperature. Installing thermostatic valves prevents heat loss and makes your boiler more efficient.

In the case of air conditioning, it is advisable to program a continuous cooling temperature (for example, 23º).

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